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Welcome to Tranmeg. Tranmeg Information Services LLC has been delivering high quality healthcare services since 1987.


Tranmeg Information Services LLC is a multinational organization, specializing in the end-to-end handling of serious medical cases - claiming 20.000 international patients during the past 25 years. As a result of our long experience, we provide consultation and matchmaking of hospitals and leading experts for specific diseases.
Our reputation is built upon the ongoing successful management of our patients, which has strongly contributed to the creative progress of our company.

Taking into consideration that hospitals are multidisciplinary bureaucratic establishments, our organization has the ability and knowledge to respond immediately to your needs - holistically supporting you with navigation, faster hospitalization and treatment.

With our headquarters in UAE and associates in Nicosia , London and Boston Tranmeg Information Services LLC specializes in serious and life-threatening medical cases. As such, we collaborate only with specific and highly specialized Clinics of the University and Teaching Hospitals in the USA and Europe. Mr. Dimitrios Bougas is the Managing Director of the company and Mr. Panagiotis Bougas the Finance Director.

Please note that our company is not an intermediary travel agent and does not intervene in any way in your financial transactions with the hospitals. All payments should be made directly to the hospitals.


Our aim is to help patients from all over the world have quick and direct access to an assessment from a specialist and treatment abroad with No Extra Charge.


25-year experience at your Service!
We will Handle your Medical file with the best way. Our Consultation department will find the best possible hospital and doctor for you

Specialized knowledge on medical files preparation
Your medical file will be correctly prepared and delivered in order to get you in the medical center of your choice

Get access to a Rich Source of information
We will provide you quick and reliable information. Get all the details you will need to know about medical treatment abroad.

Get in Touch with the Greatest Doctors
We have personal contact with the Best medical teams in the world.
Be Prepared to enjoy our Excellent 
Guidance and Interpretation Services. 

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Why Choose Us ?

  • We are not agents. We are external partners of the respective hospitals
  • No financial burden for you. You only pay the hospital you choose.
  • 25-years Experience in Succesfull delivery of medical files
  • Get Quick and Reliable information
  • Personal Contact with the Medical Team

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