What is the benefit of using Tranmeg Information Services’ services?

There are many advantages we can offer: we can help you have quick and direct access to specialist assessment and therapy abroad with no extra charges, we have the experience of whether and where to send each patient’s medical file, we can prepare a comprehensive file to ensure its uninterrupted flow and, hence, accessibility, and avoid bureaucracy, we can help you choose the treatment appropriate for your case, we can schedule your accommodation, tests and consultation with the appropriate medical staff, we can provide you with quick and reliable information, our personnel has direct contact with the medical team, you can have quick and reliable translation, guidance, and interpretation services. This whole set cannot be prepared in advance and correctly implemented by a single individual or a non-experienced or unreliable company.

Who can help me with visa issuance?

Although Tranmeg Information Services is not a travel agency, we can offer any help you may need on visa issuance - or other arrangements concerning your trip from and to your country of destination.


Who will take care of my medical file (translation and digitization of medical records)?

For your own convenience, we have ensured reliable and rapid translation and digitization services for your medical records by specialized experts at a premium price. In case of hospitalization, the cost of any translation performed is deducted by the total account. .

What about the cooperating hospitals? How can I find out more about them?

Tranmeg Information Services cooperates with several top-level University Hospitals. Some of them are to be found among the leading academic centers in terms of quality of care, reputation and patient safety in different specialties. If you wish to know more about any of them, simply click the relevant link provided in the page “HOSPITALS”

What shall I have to take with me? Who will take care of accommodation, both for myself and any accompanying family member?

Once you have agreed with the treatment and cost, Tranmeg Information Services will send you a letter containing every detail concerning your visit to the hospital of your choice. This includes information ranging from a list of items you need to take with you to the accommodation fixed for you and any accompanying family member. Moreover, the company person who will meet you upon your arrival to your destination will always be by your side to help you with anything you may need.


What about payment arrangements? What is the role of Health Care Without Boundaries?

Tranmeg Information Services does not mediate or intervene in any way in your financial transactions with the hospital: all payments should be made directly to the hospital and all questions related to this subject should be addressed to the hospital’s competent financial services. All hospitals apply the same pricing policy to patients, irrespective of nationality.

How can I contact Health Care Without Boundaries?

This is pretty simple. Just call us or fill in an electronic form and we shall revert to you within the shortest time possible. Then, by just sending us a brief case history and/or your medical records, the first step has already been taken.

What if I need urgent transfer from one ICU to another?

Tranmeg Information Services provides a customized ambulance for ICU to ICU urgent transfer in cooperation with Global Rescue (for more information, see www.globalrescue.com).

What have I to do to arrange my schedule and fix meetings with the doctors?

Nothing! Tranmeg Information Services takes care for everything you may need: we help you choose the appropriate treatment / hospital / treating doctor, we review all material sent, we forward it to the hospital selected, we organise tests and appointments at your convenience, we accompany and help you throughout the process. Everything is settled in advance and you know exactly what and when you have to do from the outset.

How shall I choose the appropriate treatment / hospital?

The selection of hospital and country of treatment depends absolutely on your own free will. If you need our advice, our qualified and experienced staff is willing to help you at any time take the decision that most fits your needs and demands.

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