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Welcome to Tranmeg Information Services LLC. We have been delivering high quality healthcare services since 1987.


We are committed to provide you excellent care across a wide range of medical treatment specialties in leading University Hospitals around the world.

Get the best possible medical care! Use our Experience to find the best helthcare services.

We will help you choose the most appropriate Top-Level University Hospital for your case according your requirements.


Health Care Without Boundaries is working at the highest professional standards to offer:

  1. First advice and information – free of charge at most cases: Your medical documents (or You) are reviewed by an expert in a relevant medical specialty, who provides an additional medical opinion with respect to diagnosis and suggested treatment.

  2. Medical evaluation Comprehensive medical evaluation and referral service to one of co-operating hospitals; here, your management programme is finalized, priced and agreed parties before the therapy begins.

  3. Complete care program for all patients, which includes:
    • Flawless and quick management & preparation (including translation and digitization) of your medical records in order to create your own digital medical file)
    • Flawless and quick management & preparation of your medical records
    • Help during arrival and departure, starting from your country of departure
    • For patients wishing to be treated in America, assistance on VISA issuance
    • Accommodation
    • Scheduling of appointments
    • Guidance and interpretation service, if necessary, to facilitate consultations, tests etc
    • Customized ambulance for ICU to ICU urgent transfer in cooperation with Global Rescue (



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  • We are not agents. We are external partners of the respective hospitals
  • No financial burden for you. You only pay the hospital you choose.
  • 25-years Experience in Succesfull delivery of medical files
  • Get Quick and Reliable information
  • Personal Contact with the Medical Team

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