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Tranmeg Information Services is an independent global health service provider committed to the improvement of the quality of human life. We act as an outsourcing associate with leading University Hospitals, assisting them in the service of international patients. Tranmeg Information Services is not an intermediate medical agent, nor is it involved in any way with travel arrangements or visa issuance other than offering its help and advice.

Tranmeg Information Services does not mediate or intervene in any way in your financial transactions with the hospital selected: all payments should be made directly to the hospital and all questions related to this subject should be addressed to the hospital’s competent financial services. All hospitals apply the same pricing policy to patients, irrespective of nationality.

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  • We are not agents. We are external partners of the respective hospitals
  • No financial burden for you. You only pay the hospital you choose.
  • 25-years Experience in Succesfull delivery of medical files
  • Get Quick and Reliable information
  • Personal Contact with the Medical Team

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