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Tranmeg Information Services specializes in handling international patients, having 25 years of experience in this area. Here you can get the best possible medical care using our experience to find the best healthcare services in top-level University Hospitals. We will help you choose the most appropriate treatment and hospital for your case, according to your requirements.

Our broad experience with international patients allows us to understand the personal and medical needs of a patient in a foreign country. We therefore place emphasis on efficient, fast handling of processes throughout the medical procedures, and remain available to the patient at all times.

How can you receive medical treatment using our services?

  1. Initially, you contact our medical team via an Internet form, by e-mail, or by telephone. Questions or medical background can be attached to your inquiry.
  2. Once the inquiry is received, a company staff member will respond immediately. He will contact you by e-mail or telephone, provide the service you need and respond to your needs.
  3. Next you will be asked to transfer existing medical records and/or provide a case history to the company staff. This material can be forwarded electronically by e-mail or web uploads. Pathological material can be sent via courier.
  4. A team of specialists in the relevant medical field will analyze the case and check existing test results. Our medical staff will thoroughly review all material sent, and will decide on the recommended treatment. Top-level specialists are consulted, as appropriate.
  5. Your treatment protocol is then structured in accordance with test quality and results. If the tests are of a sufficiently suitable quality, specialists will structure a recommended treatment protocol for you based on test results.
  6. Next, our medical team will provide a recommendation including a description of the anticipated treatment, cost estimation, and treating doctor. We provide you with a detailed written report / proposal, analysing the nature of the treatment and/or recommended tests, subject to medical developments of your condition and test findings.
  7. Coordinating tests and appointments organised by our company staff, at your convenience. Once you have agreed on the proposal, company staff will contact you and set up a treatment schedule and relevant arrangements.
  8. Once you arrive to the hospital selected, we constantly support you throughout the process. From the moment you leave your country, we are at your side. Company staff meets you upon your arrival to your destination, presents you with your treatment plan and schedule and helps you with anything you may need. You are allocated a contact person who is available at all times and present at all tests.
  9. Medical Translation of test results and medical procedure summary into English language. A company representative will accompany you throughout all stages of the medical process, offering real time interpretation. Upon completion of the medical process, you will receive a summary of the results of the tests and treatment translated into your language.
  10. Post-treatment medical follow-up on your return to your home country. We maintain follow-up contact with you after your return.



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  • We are not agents. We are external partners of the respective hospitals
  • No financial burden for you. You only pay the hospital you choose.
  • 25-years Experience in Succesfull delivery of medical files
  • Get Quick and Reliable information
  • Personal Contact with the Medical Team

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